In the spotlight

Corruption, bribery and the rule of law

by Sue in Law

A few years back, as a trainee solicitor, I was asked to write an article / blog on the new Bribery Act just coming into force in the UK (Bribery Act 2010). Unfortunately I never quite got round to writing it and the moment somehow …


In the spotlight

Beyond Bollywood – a riot of colour and dance

by Susen in Music

There have been a few Bollywood musicals on the London stage and some readers may have seen Bombay Dreams – a Lloyd Webber production – and Merchants of Bollywood – which we saw at the Peacock Theatre. With the recent launch of Beyond Bollywood at …



    E-commerce in India – the future?

    See end for attribution Last week I went a bit overboard – well it’s a normal week – and ordered numerous books – Amitav Ghosh in particular as I’m going to his book launch – and computer speakers,  so I could listen to my favourite …

  • Yoga_Mariko_Bhakti_Hirakawa_at_Veerupaksha_Temple_India

    India’s new minister for Yoga – a blueprint for the West?

    See below for attribution Towards the end of last year, Modi announced his new bid for global dominance by appointing a new  Minister for Yoga.  To give him his full title, Shripad Naik is now India’s minister in charge of the department of Ayurveda, Yoga …

  • 20141025_125651

    Christmas, consumer capitalism and chapati flour

    Photos from Tescos, Osterley, Middlesex, UK Once again I have survived that pinnacle of consumer capitalism called Christmas that pervades the industrialised world today.  I managed to avoid both the worst excesses of ‘Black Friday’, Christmas shopping frenzy and steered well clear of the post-Christmas …

  • Gandhi cropped

    Gandhi and Parliament Square: but where are the women?

    Mohandas Gandhi was once very unpopular with the British Establishment and was imprisoned on many occasions under colonial rule for his protests and campaigns for an independent India.  No longer, though.  Gandhi already has pride of place in Tavistock Square with a statue installed in …

  • cropped-puja.jpg

    Durga puja – Western style

    For us it was always Christmas that was the major festival during the year and not an Indian or Hindu one.  School life built up to Christmas with special meals and carols, there was a large decorated Christmas tree at home with masses of presents, …

  • Rifco

    Happy Birthday Sunita

    I’ve been doing a lot of motorway driving recently – which I find incredibly tedious.  The only upside (if a good DAB radio is available) is the opportunity to listen to radio programmes I might not otherwise have the time for, or – sorry if …

  • Curry Week Offers at Marks & Spencers

    National Curry Week….What is curry’s place in UK culture?

    Curry Week Offers at Marks & Spencers I’m sure we all have anecdotes and apocryphal stories about the place of curry in our lives and in the British consciousness.  I, for one, could do without any more politicians, when speaking at India-related events, claiming chicken …

  • wordlename

    What’s in a name?

    Jemima Khan (née Goldsmith), it is reported, is considering reverting back to her ‘maiden’ name.  Once divorced, she said she was keeping her married name as she wanted the same surname as her children.  Now her children are older, and Imran Khan (her ex-husband) is …

  • My name is salt

    My Name is Salt

    I generally tend to avoid documentaries about the poor in India; often their lives are abject, harsh by our own standards and without hope. Perhaps this attitude of mine is inherited from my parents who would usually not watch programmes about India, possibly not wanting …

  • Chakra 7

    Chakra – Rising to the Challenge

    We had been looking forward to the long Bank Holiday weekend in London for a while, and in particular eating at Chakra and the Indian YMCA in Fitzroy Square (to experience both ends of the market).  Sadly we found the Indian YMCA closed for lunch …

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